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Praying Hands

Core Values

This list of core values are unquestionable guidelines and guardrails for our

ministries. They create filters for how our leaders make decisions in order to

facilitate and implement culture at Good News Community Church. We desire

that all of our staff, leaders, and all those who attend, display these aspects in their daily lives, influencing everything that they do for the glory of God.

Core Values of GNCC

REACHING THE SPIRITUALLY LOST - Pointing people towards Jesus.

EXCELLENCE - We hold ourselves to a very high standard in our words and actions. We strive to do the best we can, consistently.

GENEROSITY - We give just to give, not to get. We give generously; willingly giving of our time, talents, and resources just as God had given generously first to us. 

LOVE - We love God with our whole selves, and we love others with compassion and humility. We chose love first. 

TRANSFORMATION - We meet people where they are, and we walk alongside each other as we transform more and more into the image of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

TRUTH - We believe the Bible is the sure guide for all of us, and through God's truth, we seek to understand our world and use it as a guide for our church, our work. and our families. 


BUILDING DISCIPLES - Pointing people towards growth. 

DISCIPLINE - We are committed to structure, guidance, and behavior that produces growth. 

WORSHIP - We use our lives to express God's worth. 

FAITH - We have faith in God's goodness, trust in His provision, and belief for miracles to happen in His name and by His power. 

HUMILTY - We give our best efforts without seeking applause and continually acknowledge that God is the one who deserves the glory. 

HONOR - We revere God, value people, and demonstrate respect for all of His creation. 


SHARING THE GOSPEL - Pointing people towards others. 

RELATIONSHIP - We belong in community and desire oneness with God and unity with His people. 

PRAYER - We believe prayer brings connection to God and we use it specifically to understand how to help advance God's mission and clarify God's direction for our lives. 

SERVICE - We use our hands and our gifts to show the heart of God through acts of service. 

PASSION - We believe through our passionate pursuit of Jesus and stepping into the abundant life He has offered us, that we can impact the world with the marks of peace and hope. 

FUN - We find joy in spending time with God and His people!

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